H&R Mfg. and Supply can create custom size tooling to fit your specifications. Just click on the PDF file that matches the part you need and fill in your own dimensions. You can fill in the form on-line, then print the form and FAX it to us, or print the form to a file and e-mail the form back to us.

PDF Files Download
Tongue and Groove Master Jaw
Solid Hard Jaw
Jaw Nut with Double Step
Boring Mill
Square T-Nut
Bullard Hard Jaw
PDF Files Download
Amer Stand. T&G Ext. Hard Jaws
Serrated Single Step Hard Jaws
Serrated Hard Jaws
Square Serrated Keyed Hard Jaws
ACME Serrated Keyed Hard Jaws
Amer Stand. Tongue & Groove Hard Jaws