Quick Change Insert Systems

One bolt changes insert grip diameter in seconds with-out moving the master. Companies already using the H&R Quick Change Hard Inserts have documented drastic savings in a 3 to 6 month payback period. A set of Quick Change Inserts, custom sized to your specifications, will virtually eliminate the non-essential need for machining soft jaws over and over again, as well as reduce the man hours spent on tooling, set-up, and costly non-productive machine downtime due to set-up, (More parts completed per hour.)

When the occasional or frequent need arises for special jaw size, standard H&R soft inserts are available to fit the same rigid double lock master, with the same quick one bolt change. Please call us to prepare a cost estimate for equipping your machines with Quick Change Jaw Inserts to your specifications. Compare this cost to what your present total system would cost you over the next several years, and you will see the savings you could enjoy with this new system.

Quick Change Jaw Inserts normally pay for themselves in 3 to 6 months.

Locate Master Top Jaws once

Master top jaws remain in one location for a specific range of diameters (based upon customer specifications and our unique design.) The inserts are designed to make up the specific different OD sizes requested.